Friday, November 21, 2008

Changes for LEED, HVAC in 2009

LEED v.3, the next version being launched in 2009, will place most of its points emphasis on factors intended to mitigate climate change, which is a departure from the current version of LEED that weighs a long list of objectives relatively evenly. While certainly being no expert in LEED certifications, I believe this will lead to the 2009 versions of all LEED certifications placing a larger emphasis on energy efficiency. This could mean greater rewards for more efficient HVAC systems. LEED 2009 will also standardize all certifications on a 100 point scale in which 40 points will be needed for basic certification, 50 for silver, 60 for gold, and 80+ for platinum.

USGBC Chapters are also playing a role in the regionalization of LEED point weightings to better take into account the unique needs of various climates. Finally, LEED 2009 will require (through three compliance options) performance verification of LEED certified buildings.

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