Monday, January 5, 2009

Supply Chain Challenges Tackled by European Distributor

Thanks to Gerry Hazel for forwarding me Dan Holohan's latest e-newsletter which had a feature on this article about the future of plumbing and heating in Europe. Based on a meeting held by a major distributor there recently, these excerpts give you a good sense of the role of distribution in the increasingly complicated future:

“As a leading supplier, Curzon is in a position to bridge the gap between the requirements of the end-user and those of the manufacturer. The debate, therefore, enabled everyone to discuss where improvements can be made throughout the supply chain and how we can take the industry forward in light of the challenges we all face.”

"Key outcomes included a call for increased “joined up thinking and a greater level of trust” in order to expedite development at all stages of the supply chain. One panel member claimed that the sector currently works “too much in isolation”, which ultimately hinders growth through increasing instances of incompatibility as well as potentially compromising safety."

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