Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Beware of Sen. Specter's "Opposition" to Card Check

Yesterday many opponents to the Employee Free Choice Act hailed Pennsylania Senator Arlen Specter's announcement that he would not be supporting EFCA (S. 560) if brought to the floor this year. However, on his website the Senator posted along with the transcript of his announcement a list of recommended changes to the National Labor Relations Act.

With rumors of compromise language being shopped around the Hill by a few major retailers, this smells a lot like a set up for Senator Specter's support for a compromise "card check" bill that will just "kind of" strip workers of their right to a secret ballot when deciding to unionize AND whether to accept their labor agreements. It will be important now for Pennsylvanians to thank the Senator for opposing EFCA in its current form AND REMIND HIM THAT THERE IS NO ACCEPTABLE COMPROMIZE TO THIS ISSUE.

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