Wednesday, September 23, 2009

EFCA May Drop "Card Check" Provision

Courtesy of the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace:

September 22, 2009 News Highlights

Print Summary

Removal of card-check provision makes EFCA passage more likely
Business Management Daily
Jonathan Kane, Esq.
With news from Capitol Hill that the “card-check” provision has been dropped from the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), employers need to be concerned that passage of the controversial pro-union legislation is now more likely than ever.The “card-check” provision was always intended as a bargaining chip to be taken off the table as a concession. The provision would have required employers to recognize unions after a simple majority of workers signed cards, rather than after a secret-ballot election.Now that it has been stripped out to facilitate the 60 votes needed in the Senate to prevent a filibuster, a major stumbling block to enactment has been removed.

Blog Posts

Insider Interviews: NAACP Enters Second Century in Age of Obama
National Journal Blog
Emily Vaughan
NJ: Immigration reform is extremely unpopular in the black community. If the issue comes up next year, would the NAACP work against a bill that would extend amnesty to people here?
Jealous: We're in full support of comprehensive immigration reform. Let me be very clear: We really need a broader conversation about comprehensive labor reform in this country. So the conversation about the Employee Free Choice Act, for example, needs to be part of the same conversation as the conversation about how working families are treated in this country regardless of status.

AFL-CIO Convention Delivers More EFCA and Project Labor Agreement News
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette interviewed Brett McMahon of ABC member Miller & Long Concrete about EFCA and President Obama’s discriminatory and costly Executive Order 13502 in a wrap-up article about the quad-annual AFL-CIO convention, which was held this year in Pittsburgh (”AFL-CIO aims to bring young people into unions,” 9/20).

Trumka Demands Real Reforms on Wall Street, Across the Economy
AFL-CIO Now Blog
Seth Michaels
Speaking on the Rachel Maddow Show last night, Trumka explained why we need to hold Obama and leaders in Congress to their promises and make sure they enforce real protections for consumers in the financial industry, because the current system has failed:
Today, Rachel, I talked to a woman in Atlanta, and she was making $1,162 a month on a fixed salary, and they gave her a $900 a month mortgage. That type of predatory lending should have been picked up by one of those agencies. It wasn’t.
Trumka said that union members across the country will watch carefully to make sure elected leaders are looking out for working people, not big banks and corporations: What we’re going to do is make sure that they live by that. We’ll educate our members, we’ll mobilize our members. I think our members will hold them accountable on Election Day.
Trumka also spoke with Maddow about health care reform and the
Employee Free Choice Act.

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