Thursday, November 12, 2009

Energy Star Version 3 out Friday 11/13

News from the GREENBUILD session where Sam Rashkin, Director of Energy Star for Homes, announced that the ENERGY STAR Version 3.0 will be released tomorrow, Nov. 13 by EPA. This is the update to "Energy Star for Homes 2011." In order to maintain "vintage labeling" for the homes they are switching to the use of "versions." Included in Version 3.0 are three major requirements: 1) thermal enclosure; 2) Quality HVAC Installation; and3) Water managed Construction.

It is important to note that Version 3.0 has prescriptive Checklists and are NOT ratings like previous versions. There was a lot of discussion around the training aspect of HVAC installers requirement. The checklist responsibilities for this will fall on the builder as well as the rater. EPA intends to produce web-based training for each of these groups to help them understand their role. Also, while the requirements are to be met by Jan. 2011 as the start of the performance methods, there will be an additional twelve-month window to give the HVAC industry time to train.

(An interesting side note, a speaker earlier in the day suggested that between 40-50% of the trained HVAC workforce will be eligible to retire in the next decade.)

Check out the full ES Version 3.0 (which supposedly includes improvements based on the 300 comments they received from the first announcements) at the EPA website:

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