Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Huge Step in the Right Direction

This week as I sift through notes from the recently-concluded Annual Conference in Orlando, I'll be posting some of the most significant outcomes from the many discussions that took place there. Perhaps the most significant of these outcomes resulted from the participation of AHRI's President, Stephen Yurek, in a number of meetings, including serving as the HVAC Systems & Equipment Council's keynote speaker. Yurek contributed to the Government Relations Committee's discussions of key opportunities for the industry heading forward and his HVAC Council address went a long way towards explaining the factors and pressures that led AHRI to its decisions this year on the mix-match coil delisting and the more recent agreement with efficiency advocates on new residential HVAC efficiency standards. Combined with hearing directly from HARDI distributors why these issues were so important to their businesses, Yurek's detailed and thorough explanations did a lot to move the industry forward so we can jointly tackle the many issues facing us in our near future. Yurek's presentation is available upon request.

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