Friday, November 20, 2009

What Some Call "Non-Obstructionist" Others May Call "Uncommitted"

Today's WSJ article about Sen. Ben Nelson's announcement that he would vote in favor of cloture (closing debate) on the Senate's massive and expensive, mandate-laden healthcare bill because he did not wish to be an obstructionist only further reiterates the importance of American voters understanding the legislative process. One could argue that an "Aye" vote on cloture (of which a bill needs 60 to proceed to a final vote) provides political cover when only 50 votes are needed to pass a Senate bill after cloture. Americans need to ask Senators such as Ben Nelson why they would vote "Aye" for cloture only to bring a bill to the floor that they would not support? The fact is, some Senators believe that voting for cloture can be spun as a vote in favor of a bill that they may vote "No" on for final passage which requires a much lower threshold. If you don't plan to support passage, then you shouldn't support cloture, Senator Nelson. Hope Sens. Lincoln and Landrieu are listening...

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