Wednesday, December 9, 2009

State Appliance Rebate Programs Approved

The DOE recently awarded $300 mil to each state for an Energy Star Appliance Rebate Program distributed on a population-weighted basis. State plans for this program, which HARDI helped several states with for HVAC products, were due in October then DOE was scheduled to start distributing funds on November 30. As of December 7th, 36 states' plans had been approved and the rest are expected to be completed soon. Courtesy of this ACCA Hot Air blog post, equipment distributors can find a current list of all approved state plans on DOE's website here. Not all states included HVAC products in their plans, but hopefully this program will increase the number of states that maintain annual appliance rebate programs that could include HVAC products. For those states that do include HVAC products, the money is first-come, first-served so it will be extremely important for HARDI distributors to know their state plans quickly, and immediately begin educating contractor customers on selling and obtaining the rebates for their residential customers.

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