Thursday, January 7, 2010

Copenhagen Provided Little Clarity for Climate Change Legislation

A number of industry leaders who attended the United Nations Climate Change Convention in Copenhagen last month provided detailed summaries and analyses today at a meeting of the Alliance for a Responsible Atmospheric Policy, of which HARDI is a member. In all, the convention accomplished few, if any, of the U.S.' stated objectives and may have done more to reverse rather than increase momentum for domestic climate change legislation. All that being said, the Senate is still expected to introduce a comprehensive climate and energy bill within the next month or two. Add to this the uncertainty of how the EPA's recent endangerment finding of CO2 as a pollutant might empower the agency to regulate HFCs, U.S. interest in amending the Montreal Protocol to include HFCs, and potential state HFC actions and it becomes almost impossible to predict how HFC policy will shake out in 2010.

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