Tuesday, March 9, 2010

HARDI Calls for Striking of Construction Target in Senate Healthcare Bill

HARDI joined 26 other organizations calling for the U.S. Senate to oppose any healthcare reform legislation that includes the controversial “construction industry provision”. This provision passed in the Senate healthcare reform bill in late 2009 would apply the bill’s coverage mandates exclusively to construction-related employers with five or more employees, seemingly as a means of providing a competitive advantage to unionized workforces. Unionized workforces are free to leverage group health insurance plans across state lines unlike their non-unionized competitors.

In addition to supporting the interests of HVACR contractors who would be most directly affected by such a provision, HARDI also has concerns that HVACR wholesale distributors could also be covered under this targeted extension of the bill’s healthcare mandates. HARDI opposes both the House and Senate passed healthcare reform bills, but supports true cost-saving reforms as outlined on HARDI’s website. The HVACR wholesale distributor association opposes this specific provision in any form of healthcare reform legislation. Click Here to view the letter transmitted to every Member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

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