Wednesday, July 21, 2010

HARDI Joins Workplace Safety Coalition, Opposition to OSHA Changes

HARDI has joined the Coalition for Workplace Safety,, and is joining in its opposition to H.R. 5663, the “Minor Safety and Health Act of 2010”. In this coalition letter sent to committee members Tuesday afternoon, opposition is raised to four specific provisions of the bill which would:
  • Expand and strengthen employees’ OSHA compliance whistle blowing abilities with no corresponding increase in burdens of proof
  • Mandatory and immediate abatement by employers if charged with a violation without due process
  • Dramatically increase civil and criminal penalties on employers
  • Establish “Pre-Final Order Interest Penalties” which would charge employers interest on their penalties while challenging a citation

If the bill clears committee today with these dangerous changes to OSHA regulations in it, HARDI will issue a call to action urging all member employers to urge Congress to either strip these provisions or defeat the bill in its entirety.

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