Friday, February 18, 2011

Early 2011 HVACR Events Fuel Increased Optimism

2011's AHR Expo in Las Vegas a few weeks ago was the best of that event I've seen since joining our industry in 2006. Well attended and energetic, this year's Expo got me rethinking my rather subdued forecast for 2011. I just returned from ACCA's Annual Conference and Indoor Air Expo in San Antonio, TX (great town, btw!!) and was excited to see the Expo's momentum carry into and through this key industry event.

HARDI has always been a supporter and proponent of ACCA, but after attending my first ACCA Conference, I'm convinced we need to step up our promotion of our industry's primary contractor trade association. We'll all benefit from growing its membership footprint so more contractors can be exposed to and learn from a number of the most impressive professional contractors you'll find in our industry. ACCA's sessions are usually led by members willingly sharing their last innovations and roadmaps to their significant successes. This is a great atmosphere, and the ACCA contractors we met there were the picture of the type of contractors HARDI distributors always say they prefer to do business with.

If you're a contractor and not an ACCA member, join today and book your flight to next year's Annual Conference in Las Vegas. If you're a distributor and have never attended an ACCA Conference, mark your calendar for March 5-8. In the meantime, take a close look at ACCA's new Quality Assured Contractor Recognition Program unveiled in San Antonio. It's a big deal.

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