Wednesday, May 4, 2011

U.S. House Committee asks for HARDI input

As part of their ongoing work concerning burdensome federal regulations, the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has asked HARDI members to report their concerns directly to Congress via We urge all HARDI members to participate in this process.

Follow the Committee’s directions below to let your elected officials in Washington know how red tape affects your bottom line:

1. Visit

2. Answer a few questions about your business, like: What does government take from your business through rules, regulations and red tape? Has the recent growth of government influence in the economy affected costs, hiring or your business outlook?

3. A request has been made for representative from the committee is scheduled to speak at the HARDI Congressional Fly-In. There’s still time to attend the Fly-In, so call Stephanie with HARDI today at 888.253.2128 to sign up.

Submissions received via will help determine the priorities of real regulatory reform.

What's Holding Your Business Back?
Washington doesn't know the true costs of the regulations it imposes. To deliver the more efficient, effective government Americans deserve, our U.S. Representatives need a clear picture of these costs, and the entrepreneurs and innovators paying them.

We believe businesses like yours power our economy. You will drive the real economic recovery, if Washington just lets you. That's why we're working to cut the unnecessary red tape government throws at you. But we need your help to get it right.

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