Thursday, March 12, 2009

Is there a Compromise on Card Check?

A member sent me this article discussing the possibility of a compromise exemption for small businesses in the recently-introduced Employee Free Choice Act, or "Card Check". I'm curious how the employee of a large company can somehow be less-disenfranchised than a small business employee when losing the right to privately vote on unionization and labor contracts. Every business group out there has tried to find any kind of compromise on this issue and have continued to come up empty. The Coalition for a Democratic Workplace met today and agreement was unanimous on these three points:
  1. It is not possible to compromise on a way to strip an employee of the right to vote in private on unionization or a labor contract
  2. A Senator's vote 'Yes' on cloture when this bill goes to the floor IS a 'Yes' vote for the bill, so voting 'No' on cloture is the only option
  3. Constituents need to remind legislators early and often not to support, in any way, the Employee Free Choice Act

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