Monday, April 6, 2009

Real "Market Transformation" Can't Happen Without HVACR Distributors

Last week I participated in the thirteenth ACEEE/CEE Market Transformation Symposium in Washington, D.C. This is arguably today's center for the energy efficiency universe and is focused on utility energy efficiency incentive programs and state and federal energy efficiency policy. There was much discussion about the increased utility funding for energy efficiency programs, the opportunities in the stimulus bill, renewed vigor in efforts to tighten and adopt building codes, and the impact of a federal carbon cap-and-trade program on energy efficiency programs.

I left the meeting with these observations:
  1. The energy efficiency advocacy community may want to temper their enthusiasm for a federal carbon cap-and-trade regime that may make efficiency funding unnecessary and undesireable
  2. Not enough attention has been paid by utilities to the impact of increased building code efficiencies and their frequent disconnect with the real world
  3. HVACR distributors are essential to the required growth in energy efficiency demand side management programs

More on these topics are sure to follow soon...

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