Monday, December 7, 2009

Copenhagen Sure to be Loaded with Contradictions

The EPA will likely declare carbon dioxide a pollutant in at the United Nations climate summit in Copenhagen this week. "The spokeswoman said that the EPA is confident the basis for its decision will be "very strong," and that when it is published, "we invite the public to review the extensive scientific analysis informing" the decision." This despite the increasing skepticism over the research motivating many to push for domestic and international greenhouse gas emission reduction policies.

And then you have the money: "The vast majority of increased greenhouse-gas emissions is expected to come from developing countries such as China and India, not from rich countries like the U.S. But developing countries have made it clear that their willingness to reduce growth in emissions will depend on what rich countries do first." The article continues, "At the heart of the fight over whether U.S. emission constraints should come from the EPA or Congress is a high-stakes issue: which industries will have to foot the bill for a climate cleanup. A similar theme will play out in Copenhagen as rich countries wrangle over how much they should have to pay to help the developing world shift to cleaner technologies."

There you have it. Make no mistake, Copenhagen, Waxman-Markey, Boxer-Kerry, or whatever you want to call it is primarily about the money.

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