Monday, May 10, 2010

US Dept. of Commerce Confirms Copper Dumping Claims

The U.S. Department of Commerce preliminarily ruled in favor of four U.S. petitioners, Cerro Flow Products, Inc. (MO); Kobe Wieland Copper Products, LLC (NC); Mueller Copper Tube Products, Inc. (TN); and Mueller Copper Tube Company, Inc. (TN), finding that there was evidence of copper dumping by Mexican and Chinese exporters. The agency’s fact sheet on the preliminary ruling outlines the actions planned to be taken later this year, including the establishment of duties on products imported by the companies found to be dumping. The Commerce Department will issue a final ruling in September, followed by the International Trade Commission in November, before an Issuance of Orders scheduled for November 15, 2010. Importers will have to start posting cash deposits with US Customs for all shipments that enter the country on or after May 12, 2010. They will only get this money back if the final determination is reversed later this year.

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