Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Good, Bad, and Future of 25c Tax Credit Extension

It should not be minimized what a victory it was to have an extension of the 25c tax credit for residential energy efficiency improvements included in the tax bill that was signed into law last week. Just a few months ago most lawmakers knew little about 25c, and it was competing against a Rockefeller Center-sized Christmas tree of other tax provisions for inclusion in that bill. Congrats to HARDI's Manager of Government Affairs, Jon Melchi, ACCA's VP of Govt. Affairs, Charlie McCrudden, and Austin Primiano of Lennox International who tirelessly worked Washington and coordinated efforts over the last several months to secure this extension.

Unfortunately, an extension in today's political climate cost a reduction in the credit amount but I know HARDI will continue to work towards at return to the previous $1,500 credit level. As evidenced in this Columbus Dispatch article, the reduced level is causing a rush by many homeowners to get improvements and HVAC installations done before the full $1,500 credit expires next week. November and December are shaping up to be huge months for HVAC distributors and contractors, however we must look ahead to what could be a tough Q1 next year. 2011 will be about getting back to basics. A $500 credit is nice, but it won't create demand like $1,500 did so be prepared to use slow January and February to train and educate your people and put them in the best position possible for a grind-it-out 2011.

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