Friday, December 12, 2008

Texas a Microcosm of Cap-and-Trade Debate and Ironies

This is a great article from the WSJ about the Texas Governor's very public opposition to federal or state carbon cap-and-trade legislation. In one brief article, nearly all of the ironies of this debate are exposed:
  • Texas is far and away the #1 state for renewable energy generation but is also the top emitter of CO2
  • Texas has some of the nation's strongest job growth despite America's general downturn in employment
  • Cap-and-trade proponents basically argue that Texas may be a strong economy now, but just watch what happens to it when it's left out of the "new carbon economy"

Seems to me that Texas is doing just fine finding ways to prosper while transitioning its economy, all without heavy-handed mandates. Perhaps that is why some want federal cap-and-trade??

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