Wednesday, December 10, 2008

You would have thought I would have figured this out sooner

I've had members ask me recently how they can "subscribe" to Wholesale Observations and I've been telling them to just click on the Subscribe link on the left of this page. At the risk of displaying my "blogging" ignorance (which has obviously not prevented me from posting to one), there are apparently two better ways of subscribing:
  1. Outlook 2007 and newer users can add RSS feeds to their folders by scrolling to the "RSS Feeds" folder towards the bottom of their folders list. Right click on that folder and select "Add a new RSS Feed" and paste this URL into the field that pops up:
  2. Internet Explorer users can use the orange RSS feed icon at the top of your webpage browser to add the feed automatically to a list found within your "Favorites Center".

This page from Microsoft provides more detailed instructions on RSS feeds that may also be helpful to you.

See, not all Gen X'ers know all of this stuff...

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