Monday, October 5, 2009

Squarely in the Center of Energy Efficiency

After two recent weeks spent at three conferences devoted to energy efficiency (the annual meeting for state energy officials in mid-September, the Consortium for Energy Efficiency's Industry Partners Summit and the AHRI/ACEEE Energy Efficiency Summit last week), a few brief observations will help set the state for more thorough summaries to come later:
  • HVACR cannot help but be a major focus for any energy efficiency discussion
  • Industry input to efficiency officials- government, utilities, consultants- continues to be lacking but is extremely appreciated
  • HVACR distributors are absolutely essential for the success of utility efficiency programs which are growing rapidly and experiencing ever-increasing pressure to achieve greater energy savings
  • HVACR distributors have a role with state energy offices, but exactly what that is remains uncertain much like the prospects for their robust, long-term energy efficiency funding at the state level
  • Big changes are inevitable for any industry tied to the built environment and energy efficiency because the whole-building approach isn't going away
  • HVACR distributors will be needed/expected to fill the competency and quality gaps (in terms of infrastructure, administration, and support) as the bar raises ever-so-slowly for HVACR contractors

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