Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Regardless of Outcome, Mass. Senate Election Historic

Imagine how hard it would have been like to replace Johnny Unitas, or what it will be like to try to replace Peyton Manning. But what if you were not only replacing Unitas or Manning, but the third straight generation of Unitas or Manning who had started at the position for the last half century? Win or lose, that is what we may be seeing in today's Massachusetts Senate special election as Scott Brown attempts to not only replace a long legacy of Kennedy representation perceived by their constituents as just short of royalty, but also a complete reversal in political philosophy. Yes this election is a referendum on "Obamacare" and yes, even a close Coakley victory could further deteriorate moderate Democrats' support for the current healthcare bills, but more importantly (as the Republicans learned in 2006 and 2008), this Massachusetts election is a much-needed reminder to our elected leaders that this is still a republic in which the ultimate check and balance lies in the hands of the joe-average voter.

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